About The Constitutional Society

The Constitutional Society was founded in the summer of 2010. Its objective was to support the drafting of a new Constitution by the people of Iceland, to be put to a referendum.

In 2010 a nationally elected Constitutional Council met, and four months later a draft constitution was born. On the 20th. of October 2012, The People of Iceland voted to tell their Parliament to ratify it as its new constitution.

Since then the mission of The Constitutional Society has been to make sure that Parliament respected the will of The People.

Constitutional Bill written by The Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Society would also like to draw attention to an independent English translation of the extremely controversial decision of the Supreme court of Iceland to invalidate the election to the Constitutional Assembly held on 27 November 2010 and, also, an independent translation of a newspaper article on the matter, written by a mathematician and associate professor at the University of Icealand, Reynir Axelsson.

A controversial decision by the Icelandic Supreme Court



The old constitution since 1944